Africa Data Centres confirms 10 hyperscale facilities

Africa’s leading colocation provider, Africa Data Centres (ADC), has announced plans to build large hyperscale data centres throughout Africa, including the North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

The project will involve building 10 hyperscale data centres, in 10 countries, over the next two years – at a cost of more than US$500m. It is being funded through new equity and facilities from leading development finance institutions and multilateral organisations.  Explaining the ambitious initiative, CEO,Stephane,Duproz said “We have already begun to acquire land in these countries and plan to roll-out very quickly to meet the needs of our existing and new customers. This is just the beginning for us.” The expansion will more than double Africa Data Centres’ already significant footprint on the continent.

Africa Data Centres has already begun the implementation of its roadmap with the construction of both new facilities and the expansion of existing facilities underway.

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