DataBank expands PIT2 facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

DataBank has added 2.5MW of IT capacity and 2,300 sqm (25,000 sq ft) of raised floor space to the PIT2 facility bringing the total to 3,700 sqm (40,000 sq ft) and 4.5MW.

The three-storey 10,700 sqm (115,000 sq ft) building, located in North Fayette Township was acquired from PNC Bank in 2019. The ten-acre site offers room for DataBank to expand further in the future.

DataBank’s first facility in the city, PIT1, is situated at the Nova Place carrier hotel and has 2MW IT power and 1,850 sqm (20,000 sq ft) of raised floor space.

In March 2021, DataBank, which is owned by Digital Bridge, raised US $658 million in secure revenue notes to fund future expansion. The company has since made development announcements in data centres in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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