DataBank expands SLC5 and announces plans for a seventh data centre

SLC5 opened in July 2020, on the Granite Point North Campus Bluffdale, Utah. It was planned to have five data centre halls, each of which has 900 sq m of raised floor and 2MW IT power. Now that the third hall has opened, capacity stands at 6MW IT power across 2790 sq m of raised floor. DataBank is building the remaining two data centre halls on the site which will take the total raised flooring to 4500 sq m and the total critical IT load to 10MW.

Further expansion is planned on the Granite Point Campus with SLC6 in the planning and development phase and a further site, SLC7, recently announced.

The company also announced that it is adding 600 sq m of raised floor space and 1MW to its IND1 facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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