Equinix opens fifth data centre in Singapore

Equinix has announced the opening of its fifth data centre Singapore, SG5, a greenfield facility built with an initial investment of $144 million. SG5 is a nine storey facility located at Tanjong Kling, formerly known as the Singapore Data Center Park.

The first phase of development comprises 41,700 sq ft (3,970 sq m) of data halls and space for 1,300 cabinets. Once fully built out, it will have a total IT space of around 129,000 sq ft (12,000 sq m) and 5,000 cabinets. SG5 is connected through its own fibre network to Equinix’s four other facilities in the region.

SG5 incorporates many sustainability measures including ‘NEWater’, a cooling system which reduces water consumption through recycling. Equinix is committed to lowering its carbon footprint and has operated on 100% renewable energy in Singapore since 2020.

Singapore is working towards its National Green Plan 2030, balancing concerns over the energy consumption of data centres with its status as a key location for digital infrastructure and a continuing rise in demand. SG5 was one of the last facilities to be approved before a temporary moratorium of new data centre development was introduced.

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