Norway updates sustainability strategy for data centre industry

In order to capitalise on its already renowned green credentials, the Norwegian government has published an updated strategy documenting its plans for stimulating the growth of its data centre industry and attracting international operators to the region.

Entitled Norwegian data centres – sustainable, digital power centres the government said its new strategy is part of a “commitment to digitalisation and the data-driven economy”.

Outlining six points of action the government has committed to: strengthen promotion of the country; publish English language business guides for foreign investors; implement requirements for operators to “investigate” the use of surplus heat; create a heat map; work with a public committee to assess licensing of grid connections; and facilitate cooperation between the industry and educational institutions.

Linda Hofstad Helleland, Minister of Regional Development & Digitalisation, said: “Data centres are important building blocks of our digital infrastructure. Without the data centre industry, important areas of society within the health, energy and transport sectors would stop functioning. During the pandemic, the need for computing power has been enormous. Norway has an important role to play in further developing this industry.”

Figures cited by the government state that approximately 2,000 jobs are provided by the data centre industry with projections this will grow to 11,000 in 2025.

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