Significant development given green light in Mesa, Arizona

Despite serious local concerns over water consumption, plans for a new data centre have been approved by the city council.

The initial proposal for the site is 970,000 sq ft (90,116 sq m) although once fully developed it could stretch to 3 million square feet (278,700 sq m) on 396 acres.

The identity behind the developer is unknown as it is using the alias Redale LLC while in negotiations. Data Centre Dynamics speculates that Facebook could be the behind the pseudonym as the figures are in line with other rural hyperscale developments in the company’s portfolio. Huntsville, Henrico, Newton County are all 970,000 sq ft and cost $8 million, the same figures as the new data centre.

The development has proved controversial at a local level, due to high water consumption and diminishing natural resources. At full capacity, the new site would use 1.7 million gallons of water per day. Demand on the area’s resources from data centres is high as Apple, Google, EdgeCore, CyrusOne, Digital Realty, NTT/RagingWire and EdgeConnex already have facilities in Mesa.


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