DC Byte Market Snapshot

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Instant, up-to-date data centre intelligence

Our snapshot reports are ideal if you’re researching a one-off project. Available without subscription for a one-off fee, they provide a comprehensive overview of a specific market using up-to-the-minute global data and in-depth analysis.

Snapshot reports include

  • Market summary
  • Market highlights
  • Competitive landscape and key players
  • Analytics
  • Key properties

Our library is growing all the time

Reports are available for a wide range of markets, providing you with an invaluable resource whether you’re a real estate specialist, service provider, enterprise end user or investor.

Some of the markets available include:

  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Silicon Valley
  • Amsterdam
  • Tokyo
  • Johannesburg
  • Madrid
  • Copenhagen
  • Santiago
  • Jakarta

See a sample report

You can look through one of our reports here or browse all our reports using the our Markets Map.

Buy a report

If you’d like to buy a report for a specific market, just let us know what you’re looking for.

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