DC Byte Project Planner

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Manage. Organise. Collaborate.

Project Planner is our project management and collaboration platform specifically developed for the data centre sector with in-built GIS functionality. It helps you organise, map and analyse all of your data in one place.

Project Planner enables you to create and manage your own private library of detailed opportunities; and then organise them into predefined or custom projects. You can also add overlays with enhanced data such as fibre maps, flight paths, hazards, competitive landscapes and much more. It also simplifies complex projects by giving you collaborative tools for sharing detailed reports at the click of a button.

Key features of Project Planner

  • Add and create custom projects
  • Add properties from the DC Byte database as well as your own sites
  • Compare markets – view the competitive landscape and the local data centre ecosystem
  • Overlay maps with third party data such as flight paths, fibre and hazard information
  • Generate project reports and share with colleagues or prospective customers
  • Create individual property pages including key information, site images, files, technical information and more
  • Build a private library of hundreds of property options for present and future opportunities
  • Print and share property and project reports

See it in action

If you’d like to see what DC Byte Project Planner can do, just let us know. We’ll be happy to arrange a demo.

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