Projects App

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Manage. Organise. Collaborate.

The DC Byte Projects app is a unique application which provides real estate teams with the tools and framework to organise and facilitate critical functions such as site selection, competition analysis and reporting.

Projects combines many regular processes such as presentations, spreadsheets and manually managed maps in a single application.

Key features of Projects

  • Add and create custom projects
  • Add properties from the DC Byte database as well as your own sites
  • Compare markets – view the competitive landscape and local data centre ecosystems
  • Overlay custom maps with user-uploaded and DC Byte provided datasets such as flood mapping, flight paths, fibre routes and hazard information
  • Generate project reports and output in both PDF and PowerPoint formats to share with colleagues or prospective customers
  • Create individual property pages including key information, site images, files, technical information and more
  • Build a private library of hundreds of property options for present and future opportunities
  • Print and share property and project reports

See it in action

For a demo and an in-depth view of what our Projects app can do for you, get in touch with our team today.

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