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If you want accurate information and meaningful insights into the global data centre industry, talk to us.

Our unique platform provides a complete view of the data centre market, covering both colocation and self-build enterprise assets. It includes data centre operators’ user-generated data, as well as our own researched content. Continually updated and validated in real time, and combined with a range of cutting-edge analytics, it gives you everything from sweeping global views to minute granular detail.

More confident decisions start with more insightful information.
More insightful information starts with DC Byte.

Research in real-time

Search and analyse our database for insights on markets, companies and individual facilities; and see what makes our platform so unique.

Access premium applications

Become a DC Byte subscriber and you’ll have unlimited access to our database of data centres and development sites; as well as our advanced Analytics tool. Add extra functionality with Project Planner.
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DC Byte Analytics

Unlimited access to data and proprietary analytical tools Use a range of cutting-edge analytics to get market-specific and company-related insights into the global data centre sector.
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DC Byte Project Planner

Sophisticated project management Designed specifically for the data centre industry, Project Planner enables you to build your own private library of potential sites to compare with established data centre markets globally.

View market reports

You’ll only get the full benefits of our specialist service if you sign up as a subscriber. But if you want a taste of our high quality data and insights try these reports.
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DC Byte Bespoke Reports

Commission a customised research project. We provide tailormade reports and analysis in many areas of data centres and digital infrastructure across multiple markets.
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DC Byte Market Snapshot

View the latest reports for some of the fastest growing data centre markets across the globe. Our Snapshot Reports provide an in-depth view of a single market using the latest data sourced by our analysts.
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Knight Frank Collaboration

We’ve partnered with Knight Frank to produce a series of quarterly data centre sector reports covering select high growth markets across EMEA and APAC.

Connect to the Data Centre Index

Tell us about your data centre Our platform is a great way to promote your data centres to a global audience. And it’s easy to check that your data centres are listed and that all the details are correct.

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